Wednesday, May 14, 2014

International Soul Art Day 2014

It is International Soul Art Day 2014, and I am participating for the first time.
Feeling blessed of this opportunity, It has been an amazing experience and a very insightful one.
As I started to create, surrounded by the amazing sound of mantras, I felt this wonderful energy moving inside me and around myself.
A beautiful purple light hugged my soul and my hands just started to create.
Underneath all the paint there is a drawing of my hands, and it symbolizes the desire I have to create and the fear I have to create.
It is a battle, and lately my fear has taken over, but not tonight. For the first time and surrounded by the love of my soul sisters, I felt free... free to create... to be who I want to be.
My paint is very simple, yet so complex. It represents that continuous battle, that fear of failure, the exhilarating feeling of doing what makes you happy.
Yes, I live in this battle with myself, looking at my most critical self and judging my every creative impulse.
I need to be free, I want to feel happy, I have the right to be who I want to be.
Thanks for joining me in the beginning of this soulful journey!

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