Monday, November 17, 2014

Mandalas with Julie Gibbons!

What a day... very long and complicated but filled with blessings.
See I'm an engineer and every Monday I work with public trying to help them achieve their dreams. Some dream with new houses, others have ideas for a business and others are just searching for that something that will make them happy.
It might seem simple, but it is very stressful, specially when you start to realize that in helping others achieve their dreams you are postponing yours.
In my search for balance and self love I've been blessed many times. That is exactly what happened some days ago. I was meditating and asking for guidance and a way to deal with everything that is happening in my life and I felt the need to open my Facebook page.
Yes, there it was a free mandala class with  Julie Gibbons, I signed immediately and of course, as soon as everything was confirmed I felt scared.
What if... all those if's that attack us when we are feeling vulnerable. 
Well, the class began today and all that I needed to fell calm was the sound of Julie, guiding us in this blessed process.

This are my practice sheets, imperfect and perfect at the same time.

Can't wait for tomorrows class!

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