Thursday, January 01, 2015

Creative JumpStart 2015: Day 1

Hola to my precious friends!
I am having lots of fun in a fab class by N* Studio,
Each day we are given a short workshop (10 min) and that inspires the creation of a project.
When I read about it, I felt unsure, how will a ten minute video inspire me into creating a project. Intrigued by the concept I joined the group and must say that it has been amazing.
Day 1 was a blast, learned how to use different mediums and materials, Artist or Jump Starter sharing his talent this day was Jimmy Leslie.
Made two mini canvases, will be sharing the first one in this post and the second one on a separate post.

Hope you like them and feel inspired to join the class.


  1. Totally juicy - I want to eat it!

  2. This is beautiful :) Full of color and life!

  3. Great colours! Thank you for sharing and join CJS15


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