Sunday, February 01, 2015

Mandala Magic 2015! January - The Void

I have been blessed with the opportunity to take the Mandala Magic 2015!
This class is offered by Julie Gibbons and you can find all the details HERE.
During our first month we are exploring The Void.
Intentions setting and self portrait mandalas
The Void: As I entered this journey I was scared, more like terrified, everything that could hunt me came after me. While I listened to Julie and read and then started to meditate, my thoughts and feelings about The Void started to change. What I first thought to be my darkest, scariest place; transformed into a needed self healing space. A space to just be and allow myself and my soul to nurture into the solace of things, no hurries, no obligations, no responsibilities with others, just me and the energy of the Universe. Tears rolled down my face as I worked on the painting exercise, for the first time I saw the beauty in the darkness... Thank you Guides. Thank You Julie. Thank You Void!Here are some of the things created during the exploration
I am truly loving this journey.

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