Sunday, April 28, 2013

Me Time!

Hi everyone!
I had some me time and began sketching. Then used acrylics and watercolors to finish her up.
Must admit that having this free time was something I needed. I had a fun and relaxed afternoon.
The healing process is still there; but for today it was just me, my sketch book, paints and my calming thoughts.
It's not finished but I like it.
Me time is part of my journey.

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Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi everyone!
What a day..., things are so complicated.
I love my kids and my heart is just torn by the pain of watching them suffer.  They are three wonderful human beings and I can only pray that they will find it in their hearts to forgive their father. I can see in their eyes the pain of not having this special relationship in their lives and it is really painful.
My art journal today is a broken self, today I just feel my heart soar and tired.
Here is my creation:
Mediums used: Gelatos, acrylic paints and gel pen for details.
Pain is part of my journey.
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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Happiness is...

Hi everyone!
This has been a very long and exciting week.
Lots of soul searching has happened, not because I had planned it, but just because things totally came together and conspired.
This week began a wonderful class called Sweetlings Mini by Effy Wild and  I am lucky enough to have a seat in her classroom.
Sweetlings Mini is a month long class and each month you will learn, new techniques and have some guided inspiration to work with.
What I like about Effy is that she shares with her students her knowledge and then encourages them to develop their own style and new techniques.
When this post began I told you that I had been doing some soul searching, well it all started when I had to sketch my Sweetling. Yay..., my first sketch, actually used the forth version, but had a blast sketching her.
While sketching I tried to imitate what Effy was doing, and always ended up rounding her face. I got frustrated and decided that I would stop sketching and rest, thinking I was just tired.
The sketch stayed on my desk for a day, and each time I looked at it I had this strange feeling in my stomach. Finally I sat back at my desk and decided to give it another try, that's when I understood why I keep drawing this chubby Sweetling, I was drawing myself as a little girl!
At this moment everything had a new meaning, I had already chosen the sentiment before tracing a line:
Happiness is an Inside Job.
Things happen with a purpose, and I could see this sweet little girl, suffering because she was over weighted and feeling totally out of the social groups.
I understood that I have been unhappy with my appearance since I was a child, this adds a new layer in my journey.
The sentiment helped me see that there was nothing wrong with me, I just happened to be overweight, it did bring out some health issues, but other than that I am still me and I have the right to be happy!
Here is my creation:

Happiness is part of my journey!
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Edited on April 15, 2013
This art Journal page is featured as Pick Of The Week in Lisa's Blog: Adventures in Paperland, you can read everything HERE.
Thanks Lisa!
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