Thursday, May 23, 2013

Our actions...

Some time has passed since my last post.
Life is not easy and at moments seems unfair, but God is always there holding our hands and guiding our steps. We are never alone, not even in our darkest moments, not even when you try to hear something and there is just silence.
I have three wonderful kids, all are College student. In our country, when parents get divorced they have the responsibility to put their kids through College and pay child support until they graduate.
My kids were attacked by a lawsuit from their dad, he felt that he had paid enough and did not want to continue paying child support. My youngest daughter's birthday was on February 7 and on the 8th her father placed a demand asking for all of his responsibility for child support be suspended.
Our lawyer helped us. Things worked wonderfully for my kids, legally speaking; not so much for dad.
The process was long and painful. My kids are really hurt and still don't understand why this happened.
They are great kids, loving and caring, dreaming of that day when they graduate.
I know they are not kids anymore but I will always see them like that.
I am a proud mom, love them with all my heart!
Financially it has been really difficult, but we will get through this.
My family is trying to regain strength, our last battle has been tough, but we are closer than ever.
Have been working on my art journal, trying to calm myself.

The girl is kind of surprised that the bird is standing on her hair. The bird is holding a string, with the following message:
Our actions speak much louder than our words.
Mediums used: Dylusions Spay Inks, acrylic paints and gel pen for details.
Family is part of my journey.
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