Tuesday, April 01, 2014

A new day...

Hi everyone!
Today I am bringing a new mentality to my space.
I made the decision to free myself from some toxic relationships. Don't worry non of them are family related.
It's just that some times we surround ourselves with people that are like vampires, they suck every single bit of energy and inspiration you have. They want everything you can possible give and then they want some more.
Not any more, enough is enough... I can finally breathe... I am free!
On a positive note, I started reading The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron and it has been an eye opener.
I first learned about this book when Effy Wild mentioned it in one of her amazing classes, but I convinced myself that it was something I could do latter.
Then I found this Facebook group called Attempting The Artist Way, this time the call was strong and I just got the book and started reading.
It has been amazing to this day, and there is an exercise called the morning pages... won't say more about this... except, this is a most have book.
Been having fun with my art journaling. I made a tutorial on making gelli prints, here is the link to the Art Journal Every Day Group in the Smeared and Smudged site.
Here is what I made with some of my Gelli Prints
You can find more information about this page here.
I also want to share a new project, it is a Mini Art Journal, just 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. Perfect to create a little something when I am short on time, yay, I am so excited.

Used acrylics, and Gelatos for the background. Unity stamp sets (Gratitude=Joy and Make Your Mark), Archival Ink - Jet Black, and a Signo White Pen.
That's it for today!


  1. That is so pretty. I love vibrant colors!

  2. Hiya, popping in for blog-along. I love your little book. Colors are amazing. I've actually got 2 small journals in progress. I plan on using one to write quotes down that I find on blogs or Pinterest that I can then use in my journaling. Looking forward to following you. (((HUGS))) Kimmie

  3. wonderful!
    And I totally can relate to toxic people... I've been trying to let go of a "friendship" that's over 15 years old...
    both projects came out beautiful!

  4. I love your two projects!
    And I am going through the same thing, with toxic relationships. Very difficult to let go of a "friendship" that's been around over 15 years.... <3


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