Wednesday, April 09, 2014


That is how I feel today. I am reading The Artist Way and writing my morning pages; and for some strange reason it is bringing out a feeling of sadness.
Maybe it is because I realized, that all those things that I've dreamed, all my feelings and my needs have been placed behind everything. I totally forgot that I am a human being.
I need to do things that I want to do and feel things that I want to feel.
I have never been my own priority. I have always lived my life thinking of others and how will they feel if I do a certain thing.
I need to work on this, I need to feel comfortable been my own priority.
There's a lot of work to be done. and it starts today, right now...
This is what I am hearing now


  1. I'm sorry you are sad. I think as women, it's our nature to put everyone else first. We tend to neglect our own needs. Take care of you @hugs@

  2. I can relate to what you wrote as i, too, am working on making myself a priority in my own life. I very easily get caught up in taking care of others and making sure they are okay, which means I am last on my list.

  3. It is said that in order to help others, you must first help yourself. That way you are approaching things from the best possible place. I was brought up to put others first and in this way I feel that I forgot I need to treat myself as a princess (if you like) with self love. So please know you are not alone. Is the 3 hour music piece your artist date?


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