Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Paper and Fiber Staining with Natural Products Tutorial

Today I'm back with a simple and fun tutorial.
Do you like the look of vintage paper? I do and the effect that it adds to the projects.
I usually work on large batches when I am staining paper and fibers, to have enough for several projects.
This process is really easy and a little messy, but fun.

Paper and Fiber Staining with Natural Products Tutorial
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Turmeric
  • Beets
  • Computer Paper
  • Deli Paper
  • Dictionary Pages
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Seam Binding
  • Butchers Twine
Preparing the natural dies:
  1. Prepare some coffee; I used the leftover from our morning coffee.
  2. Steep some tea; I like to use lots of bags and a very dark tea.
  3. Boil water and add Turmeric (deep yellow color).
  4. Grate two beets and place them on cheese cloth. Using your hands and wearing glove if you don’t want to stain your hands and nails, press the cloth in order to collect all the juice.
How to:

Butchers Twine and Seam Binding:
  1.  Deep butchers twine and seam binding into the stains for 10 minutes.  I did this with all four dies at once, but it is your choice.
  2. Take out and let aside to drain on paper towels.
  3.  Place in an oven safe dish.
  4. Put the dish into a preheated oven, use the lowest possible temperature and keep an eye on them (they will dray quickly).
  5. Set aside to cool down.

Computer Paper, Deli Paper, Dictionary Pages and Cheese Cloth:
  1. Repeat steps 1 through 5 of Butchers Twine and Seam Binding.

 The final result:


I like to iron my papers just to bring out the marks and folds and it is easier to store.

Now enjoy your one of a kind stained papers and fibers and have fun creating with them!!

Follow this LINK to see what I created using my stained papers and seam binding.


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