Friday, September 06, 2013

Face 6: 29 Faces in September

After lots of planing to visit everyone participating in 29 Faces, I couldn't, at least not as early as I had planned.
Things happen and there is no use in trying to go back in time and doing things differently; so I am scheduling this post and starting my journey through the 29 Faces world. This is so exciting, I know that I will be inspired by all the talent that is participating.
Here is my face for the day:

Big hug and lots of positive energy!


  1. She is fabulous ~ I swear, she;s looking right into my soul!

  2. Julia, you just get better and better with your faces. I wish I were so consistent. I love this gorgeous face. she looks like she'd be a friend for life. She looks like she has so much wisdom.

  3. Wonderful stuff. My stick figures are envious. :) So, I recently got an award and decided to pass it along to you as well. Details are here:

  4. I love her hair! I am the same way as you, not being able to get to check in everyday, so I'm using Saturdays and Sundays to play catch up. Looking back over the week on your! You are an amazing artist! <3

  5. thanks for sharing your inspiring face. i feel that if she were hanging in my room she would see me no matter where i moved. thank you for visiting my blog and for you sweet comment. ~~~irene

  6. Pretty face indeed. You have got some great work going on at your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wonderful face in a very fine technique.
    I have seeen a part of all your others blog and I am wonder, how can one woman paint all this wonderful things. Thank you for sharing, dear Julia.

  8. I too am having a problem of doing the challenge and visiting each blog. I like all your faces, but was drawn to today's face's eyes. They are so expressive.


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