Monday, September 09, 2013

Face 9: 29 Faces in September

Today I've been doing some soul searching and exploring certain relationship in my life.
Don't worry, all is good.
Sometimes we need to look deep inside to see everything that has been hiding for so long.
Our inner self has so many doors and once you open one, you are on the way of healing.
This doesn't have to happen immediately, the process can be very slow and painful. But in the end we are stronger and at peace with ourselves and that is what is most important.
Here is my face for day 9:
Big hug and lots of positive energy!


  1. I wish you all the best in your seeking, Julia. It is noble and worthy work, despite the challenges. You go!

    And your face … love her!

  2. I like how each face is different. This one, I am immediately drawn to the eyes. So expressive.

  3. Her eyes are so big and expressive! I love big eye art. I hope your seeking goes well.

  4. Julia, wonderful! She looks confident and bold. I hope everything is okay. :)


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