Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 17: My intentions... part two!

I am covered in paint, gel medium and spray paints. What an amazing day!!!!
My day began with a wonderful meditation and mantra chanting, I was ready to create...
My first task was to add some details to the painting that I had started some days ago. I even used my fingers to spread the colors and I am loving that it has taken it's own life.
Then I did some reading about the Goddesses, the book is called Ancient Secrets of the Goddesses, by Velva Dawn Silver-Hughes.
I am loving this book, each reading brings a special energy that transforms and helps me deal with my divine feminine, in order to reach balance.
I was inspired and took some time to rethink where I am and what am I doing as an artist.
Many thing came to mind, but the one that keep repeating was the fact that I am doing too much and have the feeling that I am loosing myself.
I decided to start Book of Days again, a fresh start, with new eyes, open heart and no fears this time.
I'm sharing my first Book of  Mirrors spread for this new start:
Big hug and lots of positive energy!


  1. this feeling of doing too much and losing self is resonating with me and it must be going around. I am hearing similar messages from many.

    Good for you for listening to the message, for grounding yourself in your intentions.

  2. Beautiful pages, beautiful arting.

    Doing too much...yes. I can either write or art, so this blogalong is taking up all my arting time, but at least I'm getting in to the habit of creating something every day...words at the moment, but art after august is over.

  3. Beautiful! I ordered the Goddesses book on Kindle. I really enjoy that sort of thing and the preview on Amazon confirmed that it's something I'll get a lot out of. Thanks for the recommendation.


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