Thursday, August 08, 2013

Day 8: Work in progress...

Today I had fun creating!!!!
Art journal opened, paints flowing, stamps, markers and lots of fun.
This page is not finished but it has a lot done. Still need to add shadows, a defined nose and add all those little details that make one happy.
 Made this background, now I have to decide where to go from here.
 And a sketch was born, lots of work needed on this one.
I am waiting patiently for my new Golden Fluid Acrylic paints to arrive, well not so patiently, but what else can I do.
Hope you all have a creative and fun filled day!
Big hug and lots of positive energy!


  1. I love the beautiful vibrancy of your journal page!

  2. I am all bouncy over that journal spread! LOVE the colours!

  3. Julia, So glad you had fun with your creative self today! Love your art!

  4. Yay for fun creative days! Love your journal page, and am looking forward to seeing what you create on that other lovely background.

  5. Oh I love her! Beautiful work.

  6. Beautiful Have a great weekend my friend
    DIANA L.


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