Saturday, August 03, 2013

Day 3: Lunch Time...

Weekend... at last.
I am so tired, this past week has been so stressful, work is killing me.
Each day I play with papers, pencils, calculators and computers. Drawing is a huge part of everything I do.
I am an engineer and I love it, but this is not the kind of paper playing that I want to do most of the time. During the day my head is filled with ideas colors and lines, I just want to be home creating with paints, mediums and lots of brushes.
Sometimes I take my Art Journal and add the finishing detail to a page during lunch time, alone in my office, door closed where no one can see me.
You see, my coworkers don't know about my affair with art and art journals and markers and well you get it.
There are days when I doodle and zentangle during lunch, yesterday was one of those days, I worked on some inchies, they are so tiny and you can begin a project and finish it in a very short amount of time. I also have a small set of watercolors paints and brushes in my desk, so I added a little touch of color.
Want to see what I did today?

Hope you like them, I had lots of fun creating them.


  1. Love your inchies ~ great color and design. Clearly you LoVe creating them!

  2. I love the vibrant colours! Beautiful work.

  3. I love the vibrant colours! Beautiful work.

  4. I love the vibrant colours! Beautiful work.


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