Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 21: Owning my space...

I woke up so sick today.
My back in so much pain, my body just couldn't move, my head about to explode...
Seriously, I was very sick; hum... then again you have to finish reading this post to find out what made me so sick.
Even thought I was feeling so bad I went to work.
While I was seating at my desk, asking myself: Why am I so sick all of the sudden?
Lately I've been feeling great; so feeling this bad took me completely by surprise.
As I thought and tried to find out the mystery of this pain, I got the idea that maybe rearranging my computer and desk would help me feel better.
I know it seams like a stupid thing to do when you are feeling such terrible back pain, but there I was planning where to put things.
Guess what?
I began to feel better, I saw things differently, not just because they were placed in different places that usual, but because I did this in order to get control of my space.
I need to own my space and I want to have things where I feel comfortable, where I can reach easily for them, not where someone else thought they should be.
Those people don't work here, but I do!
Are you getting the owning my space concept?
All of the sudden I could see art on the walls and over the desk, I am owning my space.
Yes, I began talking about pain,but here is the thing, it is easy to say: "Wow, I really feel bad today!"; and stay in bed all day long.
Reality is, that sometimes I don't want to accept my reality: I love my work, but I don't love where I work, at least not all the time...
Feeling sick is the perfect excuse for not going to the office, but it doesn't solve the fact that sometimes I don't feel comfortable there.
Working into making that space mine, gives me that feeling of ownership and when you own something you have to be present, and protect it and take care of it and just LOVE it.
Today the transformation began, I feel happy in my space and that is the most important thing.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that my back doesn't hurt. I've been doing lots of things in my work and now in my creative space and my body is just doing great.
Yay Me!
Big hug and lots of positive energy!

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  1. It is amazing how the body communicates with us about what it wants, eh? Good on you for listening. xo


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