Friday, August 02, 2013

Day 2: Inspiration

Hello everyone!
I have been reading blog post all afternoon and believe me when I say I enjoyed every bit of it.
It  is strange that so many people that don't know each other can have so much in common: same fears, same doubts, same ideas...
The talent of this ladies is endless and so inspiring.
How do you get inspired?
I usually get inspired at work, where I can't create and this is so frustrating. Then I get home and I am so tired, I can't put anything together. Lately I am carrying a small journal in my purse and each time I have an idea, I write it down for those moments when inspiration isn't happening.
I want to share pictures of a place I like to visit when inspiration is playing hard to get.

The place is magical, colors are vibrant and I just feel that this is my home, my place.


  1. Where were the photos taken? I want to be there!

    1. This wonderful beach is called Playa de Piñones in Puerto Rico.
      I just love walking and taking pictures.

  2. Ohhhh....I wanna be there right now. Beautiful photos!

  3. Hi Julia,

    Just looking at the pictures of the water here on your site, is soothing to my watery soul. Your website is beautiful, so much great stuff here. Happy blogging...

  4. Your post is so true. Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a beautiful space to go to when your inspiration is hungry. Beautiful!


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