Friday, August 30, 2013

Day 30: I did it!!!!

Wow, 30 days of blogging!!!
I can't believe I did it, I blogged for 30 days...
Now I am asking myself why didn't I do this before, will I keep this ritual of pouring my day to day on a blog post and sharing it with the World?
Why not?
I have learned that I'm blogging for myself. I vent, I tell stories, I simply say: today I am tired to write; yet I am putting all this on a place where everyone who wants to, can read it.
Some will agree, others will disagree with my writing; but that is who I am at that moment, just plain, simple, open... Me.
Thanks Effy and all the amazing people who took from their time and left a comment or sent a private message. Each word is and will be treasured forever.
Hugs, hugs, and more hugs!
Here is the painting I have been working on for the past days. Still not finished but a part of me that is so important and private. I open up to you and hope that you feel my presence through this creation.
Big hug and lots of positive energy!


  1. Proud for you. Blogging everyday for 30 days is an amazing fete. Your painting is beautiful.

  2. You did it! I didn't succeed, but I only created my blog on August 3rd and therefor only participating for 28 days and posted 24 blogs. I am proud of even that! So you are a superstar to me! I too will continue this and continue to read peoples blogs.
    I love your painting! It has soo much feeling pored into it! She is wonderful!
    Sending hugs and smiles

  3. WAY TO GO JULIA! I Almost got in 30! The hospital snagged a couple away! lol, but is this not AWESOME! I Love reading about your "every" day, even if it's short, its all so interesting to me! I know Effy is leaving a place open for us to add our blogs, and I myself am going to keep going, I really look forward to doing so, I even think it helps me that odd? Thak you for Blogging Along, and I cant wait for the next one!! yayyy!


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